Explore our variety of screen systems for porches: Original Screen Tight, Mesh Guard, and Aluminum Systems.

Aluminum System Overview

Screen Tight's aluminum system is designed to provide a sleek, durable, and low-maintenance alternative to traditional wood or steel structures, ideal for South Carolina's climate. These enclosures resist weather, moisture, and pests, ensuring long-term durability without the common issues associated with wood, such as rotting or warping. For homeowners in South Carolina, Affordable Screening Solutions offers expertly designed Screen Tight aluminum systems, delivering both aesthetic appeal and functional benefits.

Original Screen Tight Overview

Original Screen Tight is a trusted system developed by a remodeling contractor to simplify the design, installation, and maintenance of screen porches. It features a base that attaches to existing porch framing and a color-matching cap that securely holds the screen in place. Made from high-quality, UV-resistant vinyl, this system is designed for re-screening without staples, with a snap-on cap that facilitates maintenance and repairs, making it an ideal choice for homeowners.

Mesh Guard System Overview

Experience the superior protection and clarity of MeshGuard screen systems. Designed with high-tensile strength mesh, MeshGuard provides robust safety and durability, perfect for keeping your porch free from insects and debris. Its innovative design ensures excellent airflow and visibility while meeting stringent safety standards. MeshGuard alleviates the need for traditional pickets, fully complying with ICC codes. MeshGuard is an ideal solution for homeowners seeking to alleviate the need for pickets, leaving an open view and reliable, effective screening for their outdoor spaces!

Mesh Guard

The MeshGuard system eliminates the need for traditional pickets and is ICC approved, providing a seamless and secure enclosure solution.

Aluminum System

Sleek and modern aluminum screen system for a contemporary look.

Original Screen Tight

Classic and reliable screen tight system for traditional homes.

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